Philosophy and Process

Richard Lederer
Founder and Chief Investment Officer
“We combine our common sense investment philosophy with a disciplined process that is designed to keep client portfolios fresh with our best ideas.”

Lederer & Associates Investment Counsel’s philosophy, process, and strategies have stood the test of time. Our dedication, passion, and highly personalized service are hallmarks that distinguish us from the competition. The firm has extensive experience and expertise in managing equity, fixed-income, and balanced portfolios. Based on client goals and objectives, we establish asset allocation targets, the type of equity strategy, and the appropriateness of taxable and/or tax-exempt bonds for each separately managed portfolio.

We have a long-term track record managing two distinctive styles of equity portfolios. Our Growth strategy is based on Growth at a Reasonable Price and is focused on mid- to large-cap companies with the potential to provide long-term capital appreciation. Our Equity Income strategy is dedicated primarily to large caps with an emphasis on dividends, dividend growth, and total return. We also offer a blended Growth and Income approach for clients desiring a combination of our two core strategies. The firm utilizes a conservative style managing fixed-income assets. We seek to minimize credit and interest-rate risk by carefully selecting issues with short- to intermediate-term average durations using a laddered approach to maturity selection.

One unique aspect of the firm’s philosophy is the way a client portfolio is managed. Great care is taken in building individual positions over time rather than purchasing a model portfolio or buying mutual funds all in one fell swoop. For clients subject to paying taxes, we take pride in developing and implementing investment strategies designed to balance long-term performance while minimizing the overall tax burden.